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To my customers.

Hey there,

Bruno’s Niagara Movers is ready to help you out at 10:00 AM on these dates:

• June 20, 2024

• June 21, 2024

• June 23, 2024

• June 24, 2024

• June 28, 2024

• June 29, 2024

• June 30, 2024

I’ve got a crew of 3-4 professional movers who will bring all the equipment you need—box truck, tools, dollies, and a four-way cart—at affordable rates.

We’re a local favorite with killer Google reviews, and our $50,000 in advertising shows how committed we are to providing top-notch service.

Thanks for considering Bruno’s Niagara Movers!

Best,Joseph BrunoOwner/CEOBruno’s Niagara Movers

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